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Do you live in the PIttsburgh area?  I'll be appearing at the Citizen's Library in Washintong County, PA on April 10th at noon.  Hope to see some readers there!  Here's a link, if you want to order yourself a $5 bag lunch.


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Nancy -- I worked in the WASD with you back in the 70's. I sat with you at English dept. meetings with Miss Jean Heller.
I didn't know you with the sassy blonde hair -- you were on the dark side when I knew you. Recently you met Marlene Cauley at a library conference, and she and I now work together at Lycoming College, preparing the next generation of teachers.
So proud to see what a prolific author you are. Much success!
Kris Datres, formerly of Curtin Jr. High

Kris, you are so sweet! The sassy blonde hair is..........covering up something definitely not "dark!" Is Miss Jean Heller still around? (She had me thoroughly buffaloed!)

Jean Heller is still around. She retired in the 90's and the English department has never been that great again. She did whip people into shape. I wasn't afraid of her, but many of my friends were!
She recently had a knee replaced and moved to a one floor apt.
I need to become a fan of your books. I was so excited when Marlene Cauley came back to campus and told me she had met you. I could picture you right away, but I was confused when she said the lady had blonde hair. All I had to do was look at your eyes, and I was sure that was the Nancy Martin I remembered.
Kris Datres

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