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A Tour of Blackbird Farm

Have you imagined Blackbird Farm the same way I have? Check out my Pinterest page for some images that best represent what I had in mind when I created Nora Blackbird's home.


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I've been wondering what Blackbird Farm looks like, so I was excited to see you have pinned some images for us. My mental picture was more "Texas farmhouse", which is a whole 'nother thing. Thank you!

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The Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, written by Nancy Martin, feature Nora, Libby and Emma Blackbird, three Philadelphia heiresses whose parents have run off with their trust funds, forcing all three women to get jobs for the first time in their lives. Nora Blackbird becomes the assistant to a newspaper society columnist and attends parties for a living. Unfortunately, Nora also stumbles over a lot of dead bodies while she's covering the social scene on the Main Line. Follow Nora's amateur sleuthing as she solves crimes of fashion as well as aristocratic murder!

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