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Do you own a Kindle? MICK ABRUZZO'S STORY is now availabe for all Kindle reading devices. Click here to purchase your copy. This novella is the story of how Mick Abruzzo first became acquainted with Nora Blackbird, and I think you'll find a few surprises. Once you're read this story, I'm told many readers go back to re-read the whole series. I think this story will change your view of much of the Blackbird world.

This novella is priced at $1.99 because it's not a full-length novel. It's longer than a short story, though, so we're calling it a novella.

The story will soon be available for all reading devices--the Nook, the iPad, the Sony reader and the Kobo.

Don't have an e-reader? Did you know you can download a Kindle app for your cell phone or your home computer? (The app is free!) I hope you enjoy!


Under Construction

We're working on the website this week, so it's a little rough.  Bear with us?  I think Mick's Story will be available for purchase online as an e-book (well, e-short story? E-novella?) next week.  Stay tuned.  We'll have things sorted out soon.



Sticky Fingers

Are you looking for a fun gift for Valentine's Day?  Sticky Fingers is out in paperback, and Mystery Lovers Bookshop is offering free shipping and autographed copies. 

Sticky fingers

Does your Valentine need a laugh?