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50 Shades of . . . PINK!

Pink is Nora Blackbird's favorite color!

But . . . Fifty Shades of . . . Pink?  Yes!  For the 50 days leading up to the release of NO WAY TO KILL A LADY, I'm featuring 50 pink dresses on my Pinterest page and on my Facebook author page.  A new dress every day. Come join the fun!  (And you might find yourself with a free advance copy of the new book.)

Here's Nora's favorite Oscar de la Renta:



Nora's Favorite Party Dress

Nora Blackbird wears vintage couture dresses from the collection Grandmama Blackbird left behind in the attics of Blackbird Farm.  Here is Nora's favorite---it works for any occasion but a funeral.  It's Valentino, of course, from the 1980s.  What do you think? Nora's party dress

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Black or white?

Nora Blackbird is going to a rooftop gala on Saturday night.  What should she wear?  Either way, it's Oscar de la Renta.  But....black or white?  Come join us on Nancy's Pinterest page to help make solve these haute couture dilemmas. 


Oscar black_white


A Tour of Blackbird Farm

Have you imagined Blackbird Farm the same way I have? Check out my Pinterest page for some images that best represent what I had in mind when I created Nora Blackbird's home.

A great review for NO WAY....

The first review for NO WAY TO KILL A LADY is out! Here's what Publisher's Weekly has to say about the book (which is due in stores August, 2012). Click here.


Not So Casual Friday

If you read the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, you know Nora spends most of her evenings out on the town--attending all kinds of social events.  On Fridays, she tends to show up at elegant, black tie occasions.  What's a down-on-her-luck girl supposed to wear on nights like this? She raids her grandmama's collection of vintage couture, of course.  Here's one of her not-so-casual Friday evening outfits.  This one, Galliano.

Nora not so casual