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Blackbird #9--yes!

The good news?  I have finished the ninth book in the Blackbird Sisters mystery series, and my editor and I are fine-tuning the pages.  It's called LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF MURDER, and the cover art will be coming soon. The not-so-great news? The book won't reach bookstores until August, 2013--ack!  Between now and then, though, I hope to publish a couple more Blackbird "shorts" to whet appetites. Stay tuned!



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I love your books and usually read them twice - once fast and once slower to see if I missed anything. I have just read No Way to Kill a Lady and really enjoyed it but I have a question. Sutherland has his picture on CNN.
What does that mean? Is he working for CNN or is he wanted by CNN?

Hi, Vicki---and thanks very much for reading. (Twice!) I think what you're referring to is a remark in dialogue meaning that someone saw the report of Sutherland's misbehavior on a CNN news broadcast.

Hi Nancy! That's great news about you finishing the 9th installment of the Blackbird Sisters novel! I have no problem with the August 2013 release...I'm still catching up, having just completed "Some Like It Lethal", and I started "Cross Your Heart.." a week ago. I'll be looking for your short stories too, in the meantime. "Lethal", by the way, was excellent and I've immedeately become very intrigued with "Cross Your Heart".
Just in case I don't get a chance to visit your site again in the near future, enjoy your holidays, and keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Sean C.

i haven't gotten "no way to kill a lady" - i have all the others and started reading them again this past weekend --- probably at least the 4th time

i will have to hit the bookstore to get the latest and can't hardly wait until august for the newest

YEA!!!! a new one to read --- try to stay out of the bookstore as much as possible

love your books, love your writing style,wish i could see more,more often. thank you, pandora

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