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2 posts from July 2014


The second Mick Abruzzo story

Have you wondered what Mick Abruzzo is up to when he's keeping secrets from Nora? Were you hoping to read the scene when Nora breaks the big news to Mick--the scene I left out of LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF MURDER?   Then I have a short story for you!  It's available as an e-book through all the places that sell e-books. MickAbruzo-2ndWIRE_BB Plus it's the perfect appetizer to read before the August 5 release of A LITTLE NIGHT MURDER. 

Get MICK ABRUZZO: THE SECOND WIRE for your Amazon Kindle here. (It's already on the bestseller list!)

Or for your Nook here.

More Mick.  Could that ever be a bad thing?



A LITTLE NIGHT MURDER hits stores August, 2014.  Would you like an autographed copy---for yourself or for a gift?  You can order from Mystery Lovers Bookshop, and I will sign or inscribe any book for you:  http://www.mysterylovers.com/  Little_Night_Murder