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An Update from Nancy

By now, maybe you've heard that the Blackbird Sisters are on hiatus--perhaps indefinitely. My editor was downsized, then the publisher was absorbed by another and basically disbanded. But..... I feel as if the series had run its course. A writer can tell the momentum is lessening when sales flatten out. The most recent book sold only 23 copies more than the previous book----which is very clear writing on the wall.  So it's time for me to reinvent---again!--and I'm working on new projects.  I am sure my readers wish me well in new ventures. I may self-publish more Blackbird "shorts" like the Mick Abruzzo stories, but I do feel as if I left Nora and her sisters and Mick and even Ralphie in a good place--on the road to happy lives.


Best wishes!



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So sad to hear that Nora's story is ending! I love The Blackbird Sisters and will miss this series.I could continue reading them forever.Thank you so much for sharing their stories with us.

That was such a depressing bit of new to read on my birthday! Thank you for Nora's stories but I really hope this isn't a permanent hiatus, I would love to hear more about the Blackbird Sisters - I have been so excited to read the next book in the series. I am completely in love with your characters (and Nora's wardrobe house)!

Thank you for the books though. I discovered the third book while on holiday in South Africa, it was in a hotel room, I have never been so grateful that someone decided they couldn't fit it in their suitcase! As soon as I got home (England) I searched high and low for your books and eventually made my friend by me all (that were available then) from the USA when she was on holiday. I have been hooked ever since and only wish the UK and US release dates were the same (and now that you will decide to continue the series)!

awwww. I am so sad to hear this! I have loved every book - and have been waiting anxiously for the next step in Mick and Nora's chronicles!

What sad news! I have just discovered the Blackbirds and have read every one in the last few weeks! Thank you for such a wonderful series--like mentioned in the previous comment, I could go on reading them forever!

I wanted to see how it all ended with nora pregnant and her nephew hoping to raise a baby. I think there was going to be a kindle version of the ending?

kathy barragan

This makes me sad...I loved the Blackbird Sisters and I thought there was definitely more to their story. I, for one, am getting tired of publishers determining what we should/want to read...Thanks for it all. Loved the series.

I was so looking forward to more Blackbirds! How can the books sell when a publisher doesn't really promote them? I always looked & they were never properly promoted. I truly hope this situation changes - I felt the story needed at least one more book to feel complete, & I hoped for many more.

No no no! You must finish the story of Mick and Nora! Please continue to write the Blackbird Sister...at least one more novel!!💝

Please say it isn't so!! I adore Nora and her sisters, and Michael and all of his baggage. I have read these at a record pace, which is impressive because I didn't think I could love another series as much as Carolyn Haines and her enchanting Sarah Booth...... Please please please bring on more as new fans are created every day!!

I like the Blackbird Sister stories even more now. I thought the children were adding a new breath to the series. Please keep writing more of Nora and Mick.

Boo. Hiss.
We all followed the sisters like they were our own family and
now....really....no more?!! Seriously, it's the last series I'll read.
Come on, Nancy .....just a few more??

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The Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, written by Nancy Martin, feature Nora, Libby and Emma Blackbird, three Philadelphia heiresses whose parents have run off with their trust funds, forcing all three women to get jobs for the first time in their lives. Nora Blackbird becomes the assistant to a newspaper society columnist and attends parties for a living. Unfortunately, Nora also stumbles over a lot of dead bodies while she's covering the social scene on the Main Line. Follow Nora's amateur sleuthing as she solves crimes of fashion as well as aristocratic murder!

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