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2 posts from April 2016


New From Nancy!

Have you read my newest?  The idea for Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything came to me while visiting my daughter after she moved to Texas with her family. For those of us who have lived all our lives in quiet Pennsylvania, Texas was quite a culture shock!  So I began to think about a young woman who moved to a state that's so very different from her home. And of course....I had to throw in a dog!  Those of you who loved Spike in the Blackbird books will surely appreciate Miss Ruffles---another "bad" dog with a heart of gold. Check for the book everywhere your favorite books are sold. Ruffles2

An Update from Nancy

By now, maybe you've heard that the Blackbird Sisters are on hiatus--perhaps indefinitely. My editor was downsized, then the publisher was absorbed by another and basically disbanded. But..... I feel as if the series had run its course. A writer can tell the momentum is lessening when sales flatten out. The most recent book sold only 23 copies more than the previous book----which is very clear writing on the wall.  So it's time for me to reinvent---again!--and I'm working on new projects.  I am sure my readers wish me well in new ventures. I may self-publish more Blackbird "shorts" like the Mick Abruzzo stories, but I do feel as if I left Nora and her sisters and Mick and even Ralphie in a good place--on the road to happy lives.


Best wishes!